The Child Becomes The Teacher

My grandson has had experiences which have caused him to have night terrors. We have looked to professionals, and old wives tales, to try to help him. Added to our bedtime practices we have watched that he does not eat too close to bedtime, he has happy experiences just before bed; he has positive fun things to see in his room, we use the analogy of the dreams being like a TV show you don’t want to watch so you change it to a better one. The same process can work with dreams, if you are having a bad dream just change the channel to a good dream.

Although all of these have been helpful, I was visiting at a time when he was having a particularly difficult time and several frightful nights. My daughter and I were discussing the practices she had been trying with him when her daughter (7 years old) came to say goodnight and overheard part of our conversation.

She looked up at us, with the innocence and purity of a child, and said, we just need to ask God for help. She then turned to her younger brother, took him by the hand up the stairs, leading him in the song “This Is The Day That The Lord Has Made”. As they made this joyful noise onto the Lord, my daughter and I sat listening in amazement. Although; as a family we openly express and practice our love of God, my daughter and I got so caught up in what we could or should be doing to help we did not just lift it up to the Lord.

My daughter’s household slept peacefully that evening and have many more peacefully nights then frightful nights since then. Personally I continue to practice what my granddaughter taught me that night by beginning each day singing This Is The Day That The Lord Has Made.

God, Thank you for the gift of this precious child who taught her mother and grandmother the lesson of pure love and trust in you!


St. Thomas Anglican Church