Inauspicious Start

It was an inauspicious start to the week. (Note to self to begin to heed that piece of parental advice about not leaving valuables in the car). This Monday morning I came out from my exercise class to find a window of my car smashed in, the body damaged and my purse—with all the ID I had in the world and all my credit cards (but virtually NO money)—gone. Monday then became a blur of reporting, trying to rebuild my identity and trying to subdue my growing anger against the perpetrator of such a cruel act.

By Tuesday, I was somewhat back on my feet, armed with a single, temporary debit card. As I rooted through my (replacement) purse for the card, I remarked sheepishly to my cashier that I guessed my next purchase should be a wallet. She said, “ I have a spare wallet. I brought it to see if any of my coworkers wanted it as I had too many. It’s a bit funky but you look like you wouldn’t mind funky”. I left in possession of a funky indeed new wallet and a smile on my face.

Lesson: There is an abundance of kind and generous people in the world.

Wednesday, I was in about the same neighbourhood for a meeting and I was running late. I remember locking the rental car as I ran across the street but as I left the meeting I couldn’t find the keys. I realized that I had likely dropped them as I was running. Given the neighbourhood, I figured I would have to now have to make yet another call to the police to report my rental car stolen. To my great relief, the car was where I had left it – but with the door unlocked and the key in the ignition. Someone had found the keys and had returned them.

Lesson: There is an abundance of honest people in the world.

As the week nears its end, I am praying for the person who turned my life upside down and I’m giving thanks for those who helped to turn it back around.

Patricia Forrest