Preparation to Worship

A custom of people when they first sit in the pew is to bow their head and say a short prayer.

You may want to look through the service before it begins. The Anglican Church uses two service books, the Book of Common Prayer (BCP) and the Book of Alternative Services (BAS). Look in the bulletin to see what book and what service is being used. Find the service and hymn books in the pew.

The officiant (also called a celebrant or presider) leads the congregation in worship and is usually a priest. The priest is employed to work for the church in the capacity as a leader of the congregation. When it is Morning Prayer the officiant may be a layperson who is called a Lay Reader. On special occasions the Bishop will be present. The Bishop is head of the Diocese, which is a geographical area and the Diocese of Algoma goes from Thunder Bay along Hwy 17 to the Quebec border and down to Gravenhurst.

Lay people are also involved in the worship service singing in the choir, reading scripture, leading the prayers of the people and administering the chalice (cup) of wine. The server assists the officiant.

The service begins with the singing of a processional hymn from a hymnbook. Hymns are songs and they are sung standing.

During the service prayers may be said kneeling, sitting or standing and the officiant tells the congregation what to do.